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Watching that interview with Andy Cohen was really an insult to everyone’s intelligence. If I were the judge, I would get their asses back in court and give them the full sentence. Playing the meek and wounded mother saying how she didn’t understand the part about the 27 months of prison in the plea agreement is a joke. What part didn’t she exactly understand, prison – 27 months? They have a legal team, crisis team, advisors and she has the nerve to say “I didn’t get that part”. Then she claims she didn’t mean it when she said she doesn’t want to live in a used house. What other meaning could that have? They aren’t building her a brand new prison cell so she’s in for a rude awakening and might not stick up her nose at an 8,000 sq. foot house.  Her comments on not wanting to keep up with the Jones is another page to add to the book that I am sure she will be writing in jail. She’s right, she didn’t want to keep up with the Jones, she wanted to be in a whole different league, the mansion, huge parties, clothes while he is rolling out thousands in cash. Then she has the nerve to say that she doesn’t spend money she doesn’t have!

Meanwhile, Joe is sitting there explaining how he just signed the papers the bank gave him. The banks wouldn’t of given him any papers if he didn’t apply for false loans.  They didn’t say “Joe, sign these and we will give you millions of dollars”.

Basically, they got paid $350K to keep lying which seems to be the only thing that is true!

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Jim spills the beans but Amber smoking a cigarette is more shocking than what he said. How in the world do you even put a cigarette to your lips after just being petrified over test results. They are both idiots.

Dina, Ms.Personality throws them both out, Teresa leaves but Nicole doesn’t seemed fazed at all and forgives the other idiot, Bobby who called her stupid how many times?

Meanwhile, Jacqueline is still crying/laughing over Teresa and seriously needs to “Let It Go”. Joe takes Teresa to a hotel for the night, another smart move and she is saying how safe and loved he makes her feel. As she would say, “she needs to wake up”, safe isn’t exactly the word I would use.

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CRIME 101: Don’t go on reality TV if you have committed a crime, 2: don’t commit another crime when you are under the scrutiny of the government and still on TV, 3: Don’t declare the value of your assets for $25K and insure them for $1,000,000 and then show the contents of your home every week on TV

I think the judge was very fair in letting them stay through the holidays, staggering the sentences and giving them less time. Teresa says she accepts responsibility as long as she can stay home and she will give up TV and her purses. Joe has been in trouble for years and still tried to scam with the bankruptcy and never once said they will pay their debt back. Teresa says she is a role model for her kids but it seems like buying them more and more dresses and giving fancy parties  isn’t what her children need. Look what buying stuff did, I am sure they would rather have their mother than a dress and party.

They didn’t start off admitting what they did, remember at the reunion, how they said they are innocent and will prove it? They changed their tune when their back was up against the wall and I think Teresa thought she would get off if she plead guilty.

In 4 or 5 years they can make a fresh start and set the right example for their children. The old saying, money doesn’t buy happiness especially if it’s stolen! On another note why in the world are they going on WWHL with Andy? Maybe it’s in their contract but don’t they think they should stay off of reality TV. What is Bravo going to do if they don’t go on, sue them?

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Boca is a bust. Jim opens his big mouth saying how Bobby has had a girlfriend in some condo the whole time he has been dating Nicole and then calls her stupid. He goes and locks himself in the bathroom like a 2 year old. At least go on the beach and take a walk instead of crying in the toilet.

Amber has more facial expressions for someone with Botox than I’ve ever seen and can’t understand why she married that jerk. He definitely has that Napoleonic complex. Next week he really goes overboard with the whole mother and Rino incident.  For their first season, this cast is a disaster and as always, the children suffer and will hear all this.

Teresa and Joe are finally getting sentenced this week. I wonder if she will bring the judge some Fabellini wine.

Jacqueline needs to stop putting Nicholas on camera, it is sad to see this adorable boy struggling and think it is awful sticking a camera on him. She has already made it known about his autism and don’t see the point in putting him on TV when it is clear he is having a difficult time.

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I have a daughter who is 25 and we had a slumber party Saturday night. We snuggled in bed, watched a movie and talked all night. I was thinking how lucky I am to have a daughter who always wants to be with me. All her friends tell me that they have never seen anyone who loves their mother so much and they could never tell their mothers half the things my daughter tells me. She really is my biggest fan and tells me how she hopes to be half the person I am. I’m not saying I am so great but if she thinks it, I’ll take it. Everyday she calls just to say how much she loves me and I guess it is somewhat unusual but am so grateful because I had a mother who didn’t want me.

I hadn’t seen her for over 40 years until the police called me out of the blue to say a caregiver had stolen a million dollars using a signature stamp and did I want to go to the sentencing. It’s a long story but I had CBS do a piece on it and saw her for the first time. She weighed maybe 70lbs. and had been bedridden, staring at a wall for years.. This caregiver stamped a million dollars away within days and even got a tummy tuck and a boob job for her friend. The list goes on and it was the largest financial elder abuse case in California. I spent 2 years trying to get new legislation passed for senior citizens. It took me forever to go into that room and after the initial shock of seeing her, I really had nothing to say except that I was sorry this happened to her and by doing this interview, she would help others. After the crew left she said she never had the mothering gene and didn’t want children. Not the first thing you want to hear after 40 years.  When I found out that her will stipulated she had never given birth to any children, I was dumbfounded. She only wanted money and the ironic thing is that the one thing she cared about was stolen right in front of  her eyes. I can’t imagine any mother doing that but she wasn’t a mother and it has been a hard thing to comprehend.  I have learned over the years that you don’t need a mother to become a good one.

I have totally veered away from my point which was to express how much fun I had with this beautiful person that has become my best friend. Eating popcorn, laughing and gabbing until 4 in the morning reminded me how amazing motherhood is, Priceless!

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